Her origins are Austrian and Greek. She studied photography at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens in the Photography and Audiovisual Department. Her undergraduate thesis was entitled “on another plane” and her supervisor was professor Savvas Lazaridis. Her thesis presents the airport site as heterotopia, a concept that was introduced by Michel Foucault and characterizes contemporary spaces.

She is mainly working on personal projects. Her overall work is oriented towards the concept of heterotopia and she is ifluenced by the work of photographers like Bernd & Hilda Becher, Lucinda Devlin, Candida Hoefer and Andreas Gursky. Apart from that she is working in the field concert/theater photography and photography of musicians/actors in general. She has collaborated with “MTV Greece” and “Rockpages.gr”.

She has studied classical guitar and is now studying classical singing.

The photos of this site can be used only after prior contact and agreement with the photographer.